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Cultural activities


Music and dance are the part of social life. These are closely interlinked with the social structure, festivals and beliefs. India is a country of rich culture. Cultural activities of the school will develop awareness and interest in the students towards own culture. Participation in the school’s cultural activities, help students develop their confidence as well as creativity.

Tinsukia English Academy tries to create a unique learning experience through a wide selection of cultural activities. The school provides a balanced, all encompassing education by integrating the academic with arts, culture and sport.

Our school gives a good chance to help children develop positive feelings about their racial and cultural identity through the series of cultural activities

The school imparts regular vocal and instrumental class. Students are trained to play drums, congo, tabla, guitar and keyboard. They are also guided for on-stage performances and compete in their field of interest in intra-school as well as inter-school activities.

Activities of the cultural club are carried throughout the year. Special programmes are conducted on
Childrens' Day, Shilpi Diwas, Teachers' Day etc. The Annual Day of the school is celebrated with overwhelming participations of students in various colourful cultural activities. We have a good number of students who have earned their fame in the field of music, dance and drama.

Some of these activities are taken for providing grades as per the rules of CBSE under co-curricular activities.

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