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Eco club


Eco-clubs are internationally recognized as a powerful tool to change the community through activities of children.

The main purpose of this programme is to demonstrate and inspire the students to believe that an environmental conscious lifestyle can be viable. IUCN (International Union of Conservation of Nature) recognized that education programmes must reflect the importance of living in a sustainable way and there must be a significant change in attitude and practices.

The student would be given the option to choose between Eco-clubs of different varieties such as horticulture production like vegetable and fruit production, floriculture, apiculture (bee keeping), livestock production, waste management, compost making etc.

The overall goal is to make children behave sensibly to treat the environment with knowledge.

Some of the green initiatives taken up by our Eco Club during the session are listed below -

  • Paintings
  • Poster makings
  • Slogan writing
  • Wall magazaine
  • Placard making
  • Gardening ~ beautification of school
  • Making useful articles from used products
  • Participation of students in TERRA QUIZ
  • Celebration of Environment Day

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