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Wall magazine is an important means to enable the students to express their inner feelings. It also helps them in developing the positive and desirable qualities.

The main objective of mobilizing wall magazine is to initiate writing tendency in pupil teacher and attract their attention on current incidents.


  • To provide opportunities for expression in writing.
  • To develop literary taste and reading habits.
  • To provide training for the utilization of leisure time.
  • To make the students aware about socio-economic developments.
  • To help enhancing the knowledge of students.
  • To identify and nurture the creativity among students.

Wall magazines are the epitome of the student's creativity. The initiatives taken by Principal and Vice-Principal makes it possible to undertake various activities under the scheme of wall magazine. Valuable suggestions are also put forward by teachers on different subjects to make these hand-written pieces a information warehouse. Students' participation from different classes is praise-worthy.

The school have five display boards used to display the articles of the wall magazines. The subject matters selected are
Conservation of Environment, Civilizations of India, Fundamental Rights of Citizens, Information Technology, Science and Technology etc.

Having considered the enthusiasm of the participants the editorial committe has been trying to improve the quality of the wall magazine. It is expected that the tireless efforts of the students and teachers will bear the fruit in the coming year too.

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